The reason for being 8 LEGAL is to accompany people along the various paths where their ideas and dreams are moved, in order to turn those dreams into concrete realities. For several years we have worked decidedly to consolidate ourselves professionally in the legal and business fields, in several regions of the world, where we continue to travel, specialising and building trust and credibility. We continue to be a dynamic bridge of communication between the cultures of the East and the Latin world. In addition to our beloved COLOMBIA and the ASIAPACIFIC region where we were born, grew and remain active with great momentum, we have extended our activities to EUROPE and other SOUTHEAST ASIAN countries. In 2019, we visited MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE where we are already creating interesting synergies and planning projects that will undoubtedly soon be consolidated. We have an outstanding international group of allied professionals, who share our service philosophy and support - in real time - the needs of our clients. In 8 LEGAL we understand that each culture is unique and special, therefore, we value the spiritual, cultural and social expressions of the peoples that welcome us, and we abide by the legal norms and customs of the nations with which we interact. With the best energy and attitude, we will work during the year 2020 in which we will continue growing, learning and sharing our experiences. “Before you conquer the mountain, you must learn to overcome your fear.” Isabell Allende. (Chilean writer of realistic literary style with magic elements.)
Areas of Practice: 
commercial law
Intellectual property
Spanish, English, Chinese Mandarin