Estudio Legal Hernández Abogados y Asociados

Estudio Legal Hernández (ELH), is the firm founded by the former Justice to the Colombian State Council AUGUSTO HERNÁNDEZ BECERRA, which provides personalized and specialized comprehensive advisory services in the structuring of public and private projects, bids, national and foreign business and investment, good business practices, due diligence, compliance, legal consulting and strategic litigation. We are a recognized leader on conventional energy, renewable energy, public services, infrastructure, foreign investment, and litigation, among others, under the leadership of Juanita Hernández Vidal. We have built a solid team of experienced and highly qualified advisors in their respective fields. This is the result of an important academic and professional trajectory in legal advisory firms, companies in the private sector of the Colombian economy and the public sector. We have experience as permanent advisors to public entities, investors, multinationals, industry, individuals, and public service companies. We provide services under high standards of quality, confidentiality, commitment and customer satisfaction and work to generate lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, experience and the permanent search for innovative solutions.

Areas of Practice: 
Administrative law
Antitrust and Competition Law
Corporate law
Energy and Renewables
Environmental Law
Legal outsourcing
Mining Natural Gas
Real Estate
Tax law
English, French, Spanish